Need help.unidentified newbuild at Thoma-Sea Lockport

seen this newbuild at Thoma-Sea in Lockport. anyone know what this vessel is? no public records avaliable.

thanks for any info.

You could always call them up and ask.

Looks like the PSVs they delivered last year.

From this article it looks like they were ordered by Gulf Offshore Logistics initially, but were sold to and being delivered to Harvey.

Photo of JIM DAVIS moored nearby. both photos taken today.
ship in question is much smaller, not a Enviromax 300. looks more like a survey type vessel

I’ll agree with you there, if it weren’t for the bow thruster I’d almost say its a stern trawler or scallop boat!

AET Lightering support boat thingamajig?

I’m doubting it’s a PSV because its only got a single thruster. Might be survey or lightering support.

Look how far the hawsepipes extend from the hull. 4-point anchoring?

You can go to this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page, this could be it;

Looks like it may be a survey vessel.