Rental boat question

I tried searching on this site, the Coast Guard site and googling but I couldn’t come up with any information, I thought maybe someone on here might know.

Can a documented vessel used as an 6 pack passenger vessel also be used as a rental boat without a captain?

When used as a rental boat can it carry more then 6 people on board if the boat is rated for more then 6 people?

I assume when you are renting the boat it is going to be used for “pleasure” purposes only? No one aboard is going to be paying to be on it? Small pleasure boats are bareboat rented all the time and in the eyes of the USCG I believe an uninpected 6pax is pretty much only that. A pleasure boat.

As long as the boat was not loaded with more people than the manufacturer’s rated capacity and it had all the required safety equipment I would think it is fine to rent it but you still could be held liable if there would be an accident tied to some boat defect (such as a gasoline engine blowing up) so I would have plenty of insurance and a lawyer write an bulletproof rental agreement placing all responsibilities for the boat and persons aboard squarely on the party renting it.


That’s the real problem: Insurance. If something happens your insurance company is gonna be mad at you unless you work that out ahead of time. You can probably require the people renting to get some kind of rental insurance.

Check out Boat Bound they are a pier to pier boat rental organization sort of like VRBOO for boats. They take a cut and some how cover the rental insurance or at least that’s how it was explained to me. Since I am gone 2/3 of the time it works out better for me to rent a boat 2 or 3 times a year than to own one and this is the most cost affective way I have found to rent one. But more to the point they might be able to take care of the insurance side of it.