Renewal with High Blood pressure

Has anyone had any experiences with High Blood pressure, controlled by meds, and what he NMC has asked of you? Will i need a medical waiver? My paperwork just entered the MEB and reading the horror stories on gcaptain is making my blood pressure even higher!

Thanks for any info
It’s greatly appreciated.

They asked me for nothing…

Thanks! Definitely much more positive than I’ve been anticipating.

They’ll want a blood pressure reading and what (if any) meds you’re on. If it is well controlled you shouldn’t have problems.

I did my renewal last fall with BP meds on the medical as well as others and had no problem. If the Doc that does your physical fills out all the appropriate places than you should have the same results.

Thanks for the replies. I just received an email yesterday from the NMC saying my app. cleared medical review and is on to PQEB.No further info needed. I guess I got all worked up about nothing!