Renewal wait time

Think you could clarify for me? Med Cert STCW renewal for third mate (or any officer level) uses CG 719k right? The wording at the top “who should submit this form” is a bit confusing.

Yes, that’s correct.

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Great, thank you. Appreciate the help.

Luckily my med renewal is a ways off but it sounds like people can still get the Doc in a box DOT? I know the CG was working on getting physicals done at approved facilities that would require stricter physicals and making sure someone could fit through an escape hatch. I am guessing this is delayed or on hold for covid? Not to sound mean but the company I work for hires a lot of temps from agencies and they are so fat and out of shape just a fire drill leaves them so winded they look like they are going to fall out. Are these improved physicals still on the table.

No. It’s going to stay pretty much like it is.

I notice that the crews are getting older. Young guys don’t want to do it, especially if there is no internet.

When they start the hair drug tests that will eliminate a lot more young guys.

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What is your source for this proposed change? I’ve not heard of anything official suggesting that, but I do know exactly the type of out of shape people you are referring to.

I have been looking for an article that I had read that there was to be streamlining of the med cert to use approved providers only to reduce pencilwhipping of certs. I am very fit and honestly my cert get pencil whipped by a retired doctor working out of his home. Use to be $50 cash, the old doc died and I have new one $75 now. The reason I remember the article was I wasn’t worried health wise but I live in what seems to be the end of the earth CG related. Closest regional center 7.5 hours round trip, twic 5hr ect. I hate spending my time off chasing certs. The article had said it was also because a crew member died on a vessel because he was too fat to fit out an escape hatch. I know this is vague and I hate when someone just pulls something out of their ass so I will keep looking. If I use uscg to search my email it comes up with hundreds of results but like I said I will keep looking.

There are no “approved providers” that can directly issue a medical certificate. Download form CG-719K. Fill out your portion. Take it to your doctor or someplace that does employment physicals and have them fill out their portion. When complete submit directly via email to the NMC. There are NO short cuts. Before starting read and follow the directions on the process that can be found at

You are correct and I am sorry to take this off topic but it wasn’t providers giving a full cert. Everything still had to go to CG but the provider doing the physical would have props such as a 24 inch escape hatch that had to be physically passed through, sills that had to be stepped over without assistance, weights to be picked up ect. That the regular doctors office doesn’t have. Apparently this has never come to fruition and I apologize for the confusion.

I think you mean in diameter

some companies require employees to go to occupational doctors like Andersen-Kelly for employment physicals, but never heard anything about the USCG doing that. I’ve never had a problem using my own personal doctor and since they are attesting your fitness for duty under penalty of law it’s in their best interest to fill it out truthfully. It’s also in your best interest to fill it out truthfully. you might not be able to work if you can’t pass the physical but if you die at sea you can’t do much of anything.

If you are over a certain BMI, seriously obese, the USCG requires additional functional strength and agility testing. You may have to go to an occupational clinic for that.