Removing horsepower limitation

Few months ago I upgraded to chief engineer limited. Due to not having enough time on vessels 4000 hp or greater, I got a 5000 hp limitation.
At the time of evaluation last year, i was only around 70 days short horsepower wise for unlimited hp and the grand total of seatime required was 1440 days.
After march of this year the total days required for this license went from 1440 to 1800 total days…so my question is, to remove the hp limitation for an increase in scope/raise in grade will I be evaluated based on the 1440 days at the time of appproval last year or 1800 required now?

I expect they will use the current requirements since your increase in scope would be a new application.

Try to raise the limit some other way.

Six months as Chief on vessels of 4,000 HP or more will remove the limitation completely.