Remember the "Cod Wars"?

Two Icelandic Coast Guard ships that participated in the Cod Wars has been decommissioned:

And now sold:

I do, and also had cod and chips for dinner yesterday.
With a battered sausage.

I imagine the piece of cod was so small the sausage was required to make up the numbers.
During the pandemic among the few planes flying were the air freight of crayfish to the Chinese market. Fish was a standard Friday dinner when I was growing up but it is a luxury meal now.

Au contraire, mon ami.
The piece of cod was just over a foot long (including batter), the sausage was large and well battered and the chips were chips, not fries.
Everything divided into 2 fed both of us with a bit left over for the dog.
Not a single green in sight.

I mostly remember how unfair the Cod War was; they were allowed to ram their iron hulled trawlers into our tin frigates but we weren’t allowed to shoot back at them.
Not even warning shots.
Grossly mismatched.