Long time lurker saying Hi

Good Afternoon

Long time lurker first time poster and thought I would introduce myself.

I started my career at sea in 2003 with the Merchant navy (UK) the ship I was on (RoRo) was taken up from trade (STUFT) for operations in the Persian gulf, during that time I worked between the companies Three vessels and also two Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels (RFA Diligence & Argus).
In 2006 I was made redundant and went into Transport, Logistics & Supply chain management and found myself working along side the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary working for a major multinational defense contractor.

I moved up the ladder and became a operations director and ended up doing a lot of work with the USN, Marine Nationale (France), German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Canadian Navies plus their respective auxiliary or MSC fleets.
I have been present for war gaming and also exercises, I have had the opportunity to go underway on various warships, auxiliaries and submarines during my time.

I am a duel citizen (UK & Canada) I am currently in Canada overseeing various naval projects at present.

Other than that I have a Mrs (She who must be obeyed) 2 cats and 1 child on the way


Welcome aboard.


Welcome! Glad to have ya.

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