Any reinauer guys on here? Are they short handed like everyone else ? Any cons besides the layoffs ? Do they pay travel? And good insurance?

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Not sure how good the insurance is there. A few years ago, they took a lump sum to go with MMP’s benefit plans. The Atlantic Maritime Group (previously Local 333) is the division of MMP that they and Moran belong to. Pretty much makes them hostage employees to AMG, having to pay 1.5% of their gross in dues plus benefits. Don’t receive all the benefits of MMP either. They really only negotiate contracts when due.

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I haven’t heard too much other than 2nd and 3rd hand conversations with shipmates. Sounds like a good place to get in if you can, but pathway to wheelhouse can be long. Sounds like office/management plays a lot of favoritism with regards to promotions, but again, no direct experience. Heard pay is good…

They’re a little short but not too bad. It’s been a while since there were any layoffs and the current state of the industry should prevent any in the foreseeable future, talent is hard to come by now.

The insurance is through MM&P. Reinauer pays $50 per day on the boat to help defray travel costs, it’s your responsibility to get to NY and they cover travel to the boat out side of NY.

There is a path to the wheelhouse and a lot of it depends on the person working their way up, there is a possibility you end up on a boat in the GOM. Feel free to PM me with specific questions.