Regulatory Capture and Organizational Dysfunction

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Organizational dysfunction

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But we need to make a distinction between failure and dysfunction. The latter concept is systemic, having to do with the design and culture of the organization. Failure can happen as a result of dysfunctional arrangements; but it can happen as a result of other kinds of factors as well. For example, the Tylenol crisis of 1982 resulted from malicious tampering by an external third party, not organizational dysfunction.

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Charles Perrow has written extensively on the failures of the US regulatory sector (link).

And this in the same post from Perrow: Organizing America: Wealth, Power, and the Origins of Corporate Capitalism.

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Regulatory capture is the last stage of the disintegration of a democratic form of government to a oligarchic form.The Greeks experienced this thousands of years ago, the Romans later to a certain extent and it also doomed the British Empire and the Russian citizens most recently. The USA is in the middle stage of the transition from democratic government to oligarchy as is the EU. Those who want a good understanding should read Perrow’s book. I’d also suggest “Democracy in Chains”