Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric


I don’t know shit. Ask “Big Daddy Xi”


This is a description 99.8% of politicians, worldwide! Who wants to voluntarily relinquish power if they don’t have to? Nobody, that’s who. Doesn’t matter if your Norwegian, Chinese, Russian, or German. These are not traits of nationality, but reflect the “human condition”.


Is he encouraging a development like this, or is he trying to discourage and avoid it?
I think the last.

But not everybody is so modest:


You are barking up the wrong tree. I’m by no means a trump supporter.

I am simply observing that the people, or the party are signaling a move toward some more ‘Mao’ like tendencies and that didn’t serve the country well in my humble opinion


I did not suspect you of being a Trump supporter. I just pointed out the difference between Xi and Trump.

I don’t think it is lost on Mr. Xi and the present leaders of China that personality cult is not a good thing. They are of the generation that either suffered during the Cultural Revolution, or were part of the Red Guards. In both cases they would have learnt a lesson.

I can agree that it is not good for a leader to have absolute power, nor to hold power for too long. There are few examples of anybody having done so without turning autocratic.

Whether Xi will still be in power after 2023 is left to be seen, but he is still relatively young and may feel he needs to keep control for a while longer. China is not in a position where free wheeling democracy is right for it yet. Few countries are. Just look at what is happening in the Philippines, Thailand and South Africa among others. The last thing anybody should want is for China to break up into many fractions fighting for the spoils.

A strong and united China as a member in good standing of a new multipolar world order that is peaceful and fair is what most people want, not one where one power yield too much power, or a fractured world where it is each for themselves.


Trump has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize:

Not fake news, fake nomination.


Fake president.


did we miss the point that the countries on the list that Trump is taking action against are countries that have told the the US gov we cant guarantee the details on the passport.
The list went to Obama but he decided to do nothing.
I’ll bet Norway doesnt let them in either and lots of other countries?


Norway is part of the Schengen and the Nordic Passport Free Zones. Anybody that is allowed to enter any one of those are free to travel to Norway.

Norway do not require visa for non-EEA/EU citizen who wants to visit for up to 90 days if they are citizens of countries that have reciprocal visa free agreement with Norway.
Here is a list of such countries:

Visitors from any other countries can apply for visa at Norwegian or Danish Consular offices in their country of residence. or obtain a visa from any EU country that is also part of the Schengen agreement.
There are no country who’s citizen cannot apply, but not all persons are guaranteed to obtain a visa. (Criminal record etc.)

Non-EEA/EU citizen who want to settle or work in Norway need to apply for a work visa or resident permit.

Here is the Norwegian Visa requirements in full:

BTW: Norway does NOT restrict it’s citizens or residents from traveling to any country in the world.


The Circus rolls on:


Some else thinks Xi’s idea of extending his tenure beyond two terms is a good idea:

Maybe you can look forward to a “President for Life” Trump.
Perennial chaos and early morning tweets for ever??


Even commercials in Norway is promoting world peace and friendship:

It may already be working:


Bloomberg don’t find Xi jinping’s rise surprising or disturbing:


The joke was not a joke.
How such summit will pan out depends on how well the Koreans manage to flatter him:


Which is all the more reason those of us against the globalist agenda should be wary of it.

I’m not sure what makes you think China is going to be this benevolent superpower that is going to make and execute policy to make the world a better place. China does things for one thing and one thing only… The long term best interest of China.

I applaud Trump for trying to reverse decades of policies from both parties that have weakened our country socially, financially, and militarily but I’m afraid the DC swamp might be too wide and too deep for one man to drain… Time will tell


From CNN… Not quite as globalist as Bloomberg, but on your spectrum:

"Speaking to CNN, Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Sydney… “The more you invest in the Belt and Road initiative, the more the Chinese are in a position to force your country to align politically in terms of policy,” Davis told CNN, referring to the China’s ambitious One Belt One Road (OBOR) international development strategy.
“So you become dependent on their investment and their largesse, and you’re less likely to be critical of them and you’re more likely to accommodate their interests strategically.”

THAT’S what the future with China leading the way looks like


And why those of us that believe in a better world for all are wary of nationalists.

You mean to imply that US is still a benevolent superpower when it tries to dismantle everything that has been accomplished in the last 70 years just to stay as the the world hegemon?
The Belt and Road initiative will of course benefit China, but also all the countries that signs up to it.
China is only interested in having control of it’s own destiny and security, which means having a strong military to defend against aggression by any foreign power and protect trade routes for their raw materials.

That involves controlling the air and sea territory within the “first island chain” (South and East China Seas) They already have the means to be able to detect and destroy any threatening naval fleet that enter the limit of the “second island chain”. (Guam, Marianas, Micronesia)

The best interest of China is a peaceful world and free trade to secure access to raw materials and markets for their manufactured goods. They do not accept or need anybody to tell them what to do, or how to do it, however.

I’m sure you do, but do you see how the present regime is systematically weakening your position in the world?

Military might doesn’t count for much, unless you are ready to unleash MAD.
How do you fight terrorists who are hell bent on going to paradise and collect their 72 virgins (or grapes, depending on the translation) with Naval fleets and conventional armies organized to fight set piece wars of the last century?

That time is over. The “War on terror” can only be won by persuading them that there are a future for them and the generations to follow. Has anybody been persuaded by bombs, bans and threats?


This is really the nexus of our differences right here… What you’re calling accomplishments have come at the expense of the everything that made our country great.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not China’s fault… It’s the fault of the American politicians who sold their own country down the road and the American people for not voting in those who would put the country first. Short of a wave of congressmen and senators that share the MAGA mantra, the point of no return has been passed.


As far as this goes, a good first step is to not let them into your country in the first place. Every single one of the 9/11 hijackers entered into the US legally… But of course we can’t implement any kind of policies to this effect due to it would be racist…smh.

Alternatively, we can adopt your policy of “let them in and smother them with love to convince them of the error of their ways”… How’s that working out for Germany and Sweden… And now even Awesome Norway seems to be starring to reject this madness as well.

I always thought this guy… errr… person was the face of this movement:

But you seem to embody it to an even higher level.


This is how the world works. If you think US foreign policy works any differently your sadly mistaken. The difference between US and China global leadership means more to you than say someone in Djibouti or Maldives or Vietnam.

Interesting aspect of the “One Belt, One Road” project is that it is mostly an inland network from Asia to Europe and Africa, thus bypassing the US Navy. The southern extension is to run through the Maldives and to Djibouti, two areas with rather interesting recent occurrences.