Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric


Get a dictionary or use the internet. Look up progress and progression. You’ll note that progress means upward movement whereas progression means moving from one state or position to another.
So…the progression of nations does not mean progress necessarily.


how did this graph look in the 60’s


Household debt comes in as about 15.6% of disposable income in 2017 for US. The land of Oz about 20%. Of course averages are skewed since the top disposable income for the rich is much higher for the rich and less for the poor. Take out the top and bottom 5% and I’d guess it is much higher. Most working folks I know in the USA have a negative net worth simply because they owe a huge amount for their house. Many also owe for a car or two. Everything considered the homeless guy on the street they look down upon has a greater net worth than most of them.


Australia getting ready for a housing crash that will pull the big 4 banks down.
The difference today is the reserve banks of all us OECD countries no longer have a balance sheet capable of holding the countries banks up, the next step has never happened but it will in the next global crash


Merriam Webster disagrees.

Pro tip: before you tell someone in a condescending manner to look something up in a dictionary, always do it yourself first. Otherwise:


Geez…progress and progression are not the same but I give up. I will happily accept the crown of buffoon so I may maintain my illusions. :grin:


Didn’t say they were the same…I said your definition is wrong. Take your own advice and look them up.


I hear that the Australia house market is a victim of excessive regulation that drives up costs. Big country with a lot of resources and a small population, houses should be cheap.

We have the same problem in the US. Something like $40,000 in paperwork and regulatory costs in the average house. Ridiculous.


no its chinese money flooding in and banks lending like a drunken sailor
( well almost sailor stops drinking when the money runs out)
The habitable part of Australia is small so property is what has become expensive


You should be happy you live in a well run country with a well managed economy and a positive balance sheet then??


You obviously looked up the right definicion of yourself I see.


it was good when you were here, but the future is going to be different.
Young Singaporeans not as confident as young Australians on their future, thats for sure.
Cost of a one bed flat in Singapore gets you a good house in most of Australia


You mean my leaving made a difference??


must be, all taxes up now, population dropping…
10 people having lunch in the cafeteria on loyang base is a big crowd these days


If you see Johnny Yeo there, say hello from me.


Yeah he tried your playbook (not respond to things in the post and attempt to deflect to a non relevant issue) and looked foolish (or buffoonish) in the process.

The difference is that his was just a mistake whereas blatant trolling is your M.O.


What you mean is the skilled labor is there but unwilling to work the the odd hours for the rate of compensation you provide. At least that’s how I read that paragraph.

Which begs the question: What is your discount, as a percentage, when you hire a foreign technician?


Discount in wages or skills??


So you don’t have a monopoly on that??


ombugge, Sometimes it is not proper to get in a battle of wits with an unarmed adversary. I choose to be proper on occasion. :wink: