Refinery equipment dumped in water near Ferndale, WA

From yesterday’s news: A 950,000 pound refinery-tower-thing (my description) was being towed on a barge from Everett, WA to Cherry Point (Ferndale) WA (BP/ARCO Refinery) and apparently was accidentally dumped in the water before making it to the beach for un-loading. See the article from the Bellingham Herald here:

I assisted the ship carrying this equipment into the port of Everett last week, and saw this equipment being lashed down to the barge before it departed for Cherry Point. Looked pretty skookum to me. The barge was being towed by the tug Ivar Foss, pushing ahead. Weather conditions were good to great. If anyone has any additional information on this incident, I would be curious to hear about it.

UPDATE: The cylinder has been recovered from the water, and transported to the refinery. Two large floating derrick barges were used in the recovery. Great photos and story here: Bellingham Herald