Ready to go finally, looking at companies

After a long and drawn out ordeal I finally have my credentials from the USCG. I am starting to send out applications for work and so far I think I’m looking at ECO, Hornbeck, Seacor, or Rigdon. Just curious if anyone had any insider tips or advice on these four. Have 1600T Master w/towing endorsement. Near Coastal right now but taking my celestial course at Mid-Atlantic Maritime next week. Would really like to try and break out on and learn osv work but will take anything paying at this point. I spent 20 years with my last employer, the Navy, and am really trying to find somewhere I can spend the next 20.


Don’t plan on spending your next 20 years at your first employer. But, with a towing endorsement you will be in good shape to go almost anywhere. If you are interested in ITBs OSG is looking for mates right now…or so I am told. Good luck, it is a very different world from the Navy.


Thanks for the word, and you’re absolutely right. I’ve been working in the inland tug industry as an OS for the last 18 months, and it is definitely different from the military. Pros and Cons for both. Miss the comradery and adventure from the military but that’s about it. Definitely don’t miss the coast and rivers of Iraq, lol.



hey doc, it seems you have enough experience under your belt to know a bit of whats going on, but 2 of my friends (a deckie and an eng) just left hornbeck. one switched to McAllister and the other is looking for new work altogether. they’re both within 2 years out of school but didnt have a lot of good things to say about hornbeck. i’m not familiar with the other companies you mentioned but i hope my 2 cents help for what they’re worth. i have a couple buddies at kirby that love it as well, might be worth looking into if you so desire. cheers.


Thanks for the info. Really it’s all a toss up for me at this point. Any company that pays decent and is willing to give me a shot will be were I go. The most important factor and one you have no control of is the crew your gonna work with. It’s been my experience that if you get with a good crew you can weather out pretty much anything, even shoddy management. If I can get lucky and get on with a good crew that don’t mind teaching, I’m golden.


Well, finally got picked-up by Rigdon. Been through all the safegulf, Huet, and Rigger training. Now I’m sitting at the Best Western in Kenner waiting for vessel assignment. Looking forward to getting started.<br>Doc

Good Luck Doc. I hope things go well for you there. I am in Fourchon at the moment. I have a week and a half left. I will be at Mid Atlantic the 12th through the 16th. Keep us posted on your progress.

Hey Doc<br>Did you apply to Chouest.

Well, I’m just finishing up my first hitch with Rigdon and right now I can honestly say that the jury is still out. I’m on a 90 day evaluation like with all companies, and I see it as it works both ways. My major issue is that the captains are extremely gun shy about allowing stick time. This whole 28 day hitch I’ve handled the boat in manual once, other than that I’ve gone from outside fourchon to the rig on autopilot and back to candle sticks before they take the wheel and push me aside. I’m not saying give me the stick and go sit down, but train me. But other than that the situation is “ok”. They don’t pay travel so that is out of my pocket, and the office management has some issues. They got rid of all the cooks onboard and left the crews to their own devices. They took off one of our o/s’s this hitch and told the captain that the mates could rig on deck. I don’t mind going out on deck to rig, but this takes away from my time on the bridge trying to get some training. I’m not complaining mind you, just stating the facts. I’ve dealt with much worse. I am a reed in the wind, I bend but don’t break. As far as applying to chouest I did and they wanted to put me on the push boats they just bought, and that’s not what I wanted, I was fighting off those jobs in Virginia. Anyway, got to finish packing and head for home. Later.<br>Doc

My turn, <br><br>I took JeffRox advice from a previous thread and called Transatlantic lines, and now I’m off to Japan shortly. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pics. BTW United Ocean Liner Services(formely TECO) is looking for a 3rd a/e if you search the sight it will give you a phone number to call, much faster. Later