Rare find by Dutch shrimp fishermen off Dutch coast

The museum world is in turmoil because of the ‘unique find’ of an image that Wieringer shrimp fishermen made on Monday morning in the Wadden Sea. The image was fished up by the shrimp cutter Wieringer 22 in the Texelstroom fairway, five kilometers west of the Wadden Island.

Barry, as the figure is already called, is most likely a statue that sat on the stern of a 17th century ship. According to archaeologist Michiel Bartels, who works for municipalities in Noord-Holland-North, including Texel, it is an image of a warrior wearing a Phrygian cap. Such a hat was already worn in ancient times, often by warriors.


Rubbish, it’s an image of a WW2 Luftwaffe pilot wearing helmet, headphones and a boom mike on one side. Trust me, I’m an idiot who knows stuff!

We can praise ourselves lucky that we have such a knowledgeable new member among our midst. May he share more of his infinite wisdom with us simple souls, bring it on.