Radar Refresher

The USCG has proposed new rules for Radar refresher. Comments are only open 1 more day (July 11) here’s the webpage to read the proposed rule and leave a comment.


Any ideas when we can expect a ruling on the radar renewal issue?

Maybe ask this guy: jeffrey.g.lantz@uscg.mil
His name is at the bottom of the docket. Unless he’s too much of a bigwig to respond.

Good thought. Done.

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Normally it takes 6-9 months to review and go to the next step and adjust recommendations based on the comments. Then maybe a new comment period on the revisions. So, don’t hold your breath, and schedule that class.

That’s what I did, expires December have a class in October. Waste of 200 bucks.

Quimby, did get a prompt response from Mr. Lantz. FYI:

“…Work is progressing on the final rule, but unfortunately, at this time I am not able to provide you when it will be published. The regulations process is involved, even for relatively straightforward rules such as this one.”

Nice man. Just renewed mine. Maybe next time round.