CG drops radar recertification course

Looks like the CG is saying it’s no longer required every 5 years. That’s great, that gives us a little more money in our pockets to use when we do the required recertification for adv fire and all the other stuff they forced on us.


This is great news. Hope it reaches fruition before my next renewal in 2019. As you pointed out I’ll have my hands full with all the stcw revalidation/refreshers.

Sorry, didn’t mean to step on your post. Just too damn slow on the trigger.

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Hey my man. What’s a good place for me to go to check up on the status of this policy change? Is calling the NMC and asking my best bet?

Yeah I need an update too. I’m due in April.

NMC won’t know, they don’t make policy or regulations. It’s going to take a regulation change. That means a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM), a public comment period, and a final rule.

If you’re due in April, I’d suggest reserving a spot in a course.


Fair enough, thanks for your time.

yup, during the next accident the headline will be: "USCG no longer requires radar usage as mandantory for “driving boats”. ha ha ha

If the proposal would gain traction, then I would be all for it. The current courses in my area are we’ll out-dated due to the nature of how the equipment is operated today. I feel that a modern radar refresher course should just consist of reading your operators manual.