Radar - ground/sea stabilised - true/relative trails

How will the true and relative trails be affected by the type of stabilisation that is in use?
what outputs will be given?
In ground stabilised will true trails give me that vessels true course over the ground?

If ground stabilization is used, then the trails will be based on ground stabilization, so that means that the true trails will give you the vessel’s true course over ground.

Please keep in mind that a Sea Stabilized mode is the best choice for collision avoidance.

Relative Vectors are the preferred choice for collision avoidance, and a quick switch to True Vectors (still in sea stabilized mode) can supplement relative vector information with the vessel’s aspect.

Relative Trails are great way to quickly see what vessels are going to be a problem as they do not require the 3 minute steady state that the ARPA vectors do.

(On a very personal note, I like to use True Trails (Sea Stabilized) on approach to full anchorages (think Panama Canal) so I can quickly determine which vessels are u/w and which aren’t, but my boss and I argue over that a lot. PMI’s official position is North Up, Sea Stabilized, Relative Vectors, Relative Trails.)