R.I.P. Stan K. aka Skeezer

Yes, you were a curmudgeon but you did your job well and will be remembered by many.

Stan was biding his time for retirement but didn’t quite make it. Just goes to show, live every day like it’s your last because you never know.

I bet you and Kevin are having big laughs talking about all the idiots you had to put up with down here to make a dollar.

I’ll never forget you trotting down the barge and flapping your arms to chase off the " God damned shithawks". Or the tough man shin kicking contest in the galley with Colt. You both came out battered and bruised but niether one of you went crying to the office.

That is the way it was in your day. You could settle an arguement, so to speak, in private and establish who the alpha male was. Then shake hands and go on about your business.

Guess losing that piss ant gift card for me being a “faker” probably don’t matter too much now.

Thanks for sitting in the ER with me and doubting me the whole time. But you know the real truth now I am sure of that.

Rest in Peace you ol grouch.

Sorry for your loss.

I am sorry for his loss and that of his family.