Quit for relief

We have had no deck mates get properly relieved from my ship in months. They simply quit. The last proper relief was in early May. First, second and third mates. They don’t bother with fake illnesses or family emergencies anymore. They give a week or two notice and walk off. I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Maybe it’s because 27% of shipboard jobs fleet-wide (all departments) are overdue, vacant or intentionally gapped? Odd thing is the company says its at 99% manpower and all is well…

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I know more then a few mates that quit recently after being fed up about reliefs and restrictions due to COVID. Still not seeing 3M go “Open Continuous” vacancy like they used to be when I was in school a few years ago. They’re going to have an even harder time getting good senior officers in a few more years, at this rate.

Or because MSC is run by inept morons. They have always had a hard time managing to properly relieve their personnel – even when the APMC is swamped with folks desperate to get onto a ship.


Perhaps it would help if MSC employees all called or better yet write their senators and congress people. Send by registered mail. If yiu don’t want to do that send an email to your senators and congressmen. CC the NY Times and rhe Washington Post.
No one on this forum can help you.

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I seen it with Tidewater Nigeria twenty years ago. You had to finish the 90 day contract to get the $24 a day safety pay that was held to ensure you didn’t leave early or have any accidents. But sometimes after 90 days they wouldn’t have a relief & you had to do this pretend drama like you were completely feed up with it & was quitting. After you quit you’d go home for 30-45 days & then they would call you asking when you were coming back to do it all over again.

Are any of the MSC guys who quit being “rehired” after their time off?


The US Navy as a whole does not seem to be doing so hot right now. The Navy people I know have poor morale and are eager to leave. Largely this is the case with all of the military people I know that have been in past the honeymoon period. The suicide rate of active duty and former military personnel speaks to this.

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I don’t think that’s possible given the nature of the federal hiring process. Anyone who’s planning on that is probably going to go the route of going out on “medical”.