Question About USCG Medical Evaluation

So in my case, I don’t think it applies. But that’s good to know: thanks I wonder what the Canadian situation is. My company has a few offices, and a few ships flagged as Canadian and my citizenship and license is Canadian, but I don’t work in in the Canadian fleet.

While trying to organize myself just now I found my Declaration of Prescriptions (a company document which is not private). It asks for both the name of medicine, and what it is meant to treat or control. I also found the chain of custody for the urinalysis I submitted for either my company or Transport Canada physical. It orders tests for methadone metabolite, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, cocaine, cannabinoids, opiates, phencyclidine and alcohol. Just putting it out there for people who might want to know if their prescription(s) might be on the list.

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Yep, I’ve been through the SSi deal for a family member.

Have the Congressperson and both the Senators’ constituent services numbers, as well as a good dirtball attorney lined up…just in case.

Funny thing is that you’d think that our beloved unions, who claim to represent our interests, have never got on the stick to make sure their members working in heavy industry like we do don’t get screwed out of a program like SSDI that was conceived precisely for workers like us, rather than someone with carpal tunnel syndrome and alcoholism.

I had a former friend that was incarcerated for a year after his umpteenth DUI. He,(or his family), got Disability while he was in the pokey…because Alcoholism is a Disease.

Yeah…screw that. I knew him since he was 15 years old. It is a disease, but he earned it.

When one end of the .gov says you’re disabled, go to the other end of the .gov and demand the cash.

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If that is the case, then you should follow that route before not being truthful with the USCG. If you didn’t get a second opinion when you were 14 then now is the time. Many teenagers have mental health issues while going through puberty & it is well known that some doctors over prescribe meds to kids just to bring their 15 minute session with their patient to a close & to give society & parents a pass for being screwedup. Even if you are just a little bit crazy without the meds you should still fit in fine with all the other crazies who have MMC’s. But if there’s any chance you could become depressed, violent or suicidal then find another career path. There’s too many sane people offshore who are depressed, violent & suicidal & we don’t need to add any insane people to the bunch.


I agree with this wholeheartedly and that’s why I suggested the OP go review his condition and the 719k with his or her doc. This is a tough enough environment to be in without having to juggle medications or worse yet being dishonest about your condition.

HIPAA governs the healthcare and health insurance industry. Your Master is not in violation of HIPAA if he/she finds unauthorized or undisclosed meds in your bag and reports you to the company office and/or Coast Guard. In fact, it’s been successfully argued in court that HIPAA protects whistleblower activity where public safety is a factor.


Very correct. In fact, HIPAA protection of health information ONLY applies to “covered entities” which the law defines as provider, insurance companies and health information clearinghouses (store and transmit medical information). So a ship’s officer, or anyone else for that matter, observing some obvious irregularity of health or medical treatment (like unreported Rx drugs), can report it to anyone he/she feels needs to know. HIPAA is NOT involved! But it’s amazing how HIPAA mythology has spread! I have had patients who said they thought they couldn’t disclose some part of their own medical history “because of HIPAA!!”

I agree with the advice given. What the OP needs to do is get a well qualified psychiatrist (MD, because they’re on the top of the pyramid) to review his history and present situation. If that person is then willing to write a favorable letter about OP’s mental fitness for sea duty, that will go a LONG way toward influencing the medical review board and the psychiatrist that they consult to review the case.