Can you get Med Certified with PTSD?

If you leave the Navy Military with PTSD diagnosis 30% diagnosis and 30% VA rating (10 point preference) can you get a medical certificate? Read the USCG documents. Looks like it needs a waiver and want to know if anyone has any experience?

I’d call the NMC and ask for the medical department. Your medication, if you take any, could screw you over in getting a job. Any side effect of a medicine, even if rarely reported, even if you don’t have that side effect from it can keep you shoreside until it gets clear. I was on an antidepressant and a side effect of it was dizziness. I never had any side effects from it, however it costed me a job just because of one side effect I don’t suffer from.

Thanks. Not on meds now.

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Any drug you are likley to be on is certainly not tested for in a drug test. And your employer nor the coast guard have any actual right to know your complete medical history as far as I am concerned. All they are allowed to know is what is on that medical form you send them. So basically if the physician doesn’t write down “PTSD” on your physical the coast guard has no business knowing about your private life.

I am sure bootlickers will say otherwise but as far as I’m concerned you do what you can to get ahead and nice guys finish last out here. What they don’t know wont hurt em. Your personal medical situation is your own business.

Actually it’s part of medical history questions. Also with a VA pension and 10 points vets preference that helps in joining MSC. And btw with MSC my military time counts to FERS retirement. But you are right. Don’t tell anyone anything that you don’t have to. Same thing my recruiter told me.

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