PTSD and license

Hello, has anyone got a merchant mariners license renewal with PTSD on their medical record? I would imagine a good waiver and letter from the DR would be needed. Just wanted ask if anyone else has gone through the process or is this going to end my career and passion?

PTSD shouldn’t be a problem.

We have had a few “disabled” veterans with PTSD onboard.

The maritime schools heavily recruit disabled veterans because the VA will pay for all of their training. PTSD and hearing loss seem to be the most common “disabilities.” These guys are cash cows for the schools.

The VA would not be paying for maritime training for these guys with PTSD, if they were not able to get MMCs and Medical Cards from the USCG.

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PTSD is a battle many seafarers face, and it shouldn’t be a career killer.

Getting your license back shouldn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest. Resources like can be a real lifesaver, offering support and guidance specifically tailored to mariners. They know the ropes (pun intended) of the industry and the unique challenges seamen face.

Here’s the thing: taking care of your mental health isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. A captain who prioritizes their crew’s well-being is a captain worth following. So, to the person who started this thread, don’t give up on your career. There’s a whole crew out there rooting for you.

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