Medical review before exam

I will be taking my 3rd mates exam soon. If I took ritalin 15 years ago should I list it on my sheet? Does the USCG check your personal medical records. Does the USCG just check what you list on your sheet?


I’d say leave it off…I had my ACL done like 8 years ago, and I’m going to stop listing it on physicals because it brings up to many questions that are unnecessary, and it has no bearing on my physical ability to do my job.

I think I am. It just seems that they do not have the time or resources to go check everyone’s medical history if it is not listed on the form. I had sinus surgery too about 7 years ago and do not plan on listing it. Anyone else have similar situations and did not list them?

Whatever story you tell, stick with it, whether it is a physical, resume info or a background check info. If you include something down the road that you left off on an earlier form, or vice-versa, it will show you to be less than honest. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”:o<O:p</O:p

It may be worth the time to request medical records from your doctors. I recently had to for entry to SIU apprentice program and found all kinds of things that were misleading and downright wrong. I now have to have my knees xrayed cause some idiot put down that my minor knee surgery was a full knee replacement.
FWIW: Doctors/hospitals aren’t required to keep patient records for more than 7 years. If they aren’t computerized, that sinus surgery 14 years ago probably never happened—unless it was payed for by insurance