Question About Summer Cruise Credit Hours for Deckies

I’m in the process of enrolling for my first semester at TAMUG. I noticed that summer cruises are only 4 credits, but to be eligible for financial aid one must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for undergrad or 4.5 credit hours for graduate. Do cadets take an additional summer class to maintain eligibility?

Depending on the cruise, most of the Texas Midshipman go with other academy ships such as the USTS Golden Bear or any of the other ones. The Cal and Maine cruise or worth 6 credits. You might be able to squeeze in a summer school course here and there need be.

Yea the cal summer cruise is worth 6 credits… That’s what Geri said at the meeting last week

Thanks for the info. Is there any particular reason cruises on General Rudder are worth less credit hours?

Unless things have changed since I was there, summer cruises were exempted from the hour restrictions for financial aid as they were “full time” studies. Not sure how that worked but I know the Clipper 2 cruises were 4 credit hours. Talk to Gussie or one of the instructors if you’re concerned about it though.

When I went to school, Full-time status was only needed in the Fall and Spring semester to be in good standing with student loans/financial aid. They assume that most kids take the summer off, so you shouldn’t have any reason for concern.