Question about celestial exam 1600 mate oceans

I recently received my approved to test letter to increase scope from mate 1600 NC to oceans. I have to take navigation general and navigation problems - celestial. Anyone take this test (nav problems) lately? The module is 186.

Another question I have is I took a celestial class (and passed) a year and a half ago which is expired for this upgrade. During that time I obtained the assessments for OINCW for celestial navigation. Did those expire as well?


I just took module 206. Don’t know if it is the same test, but must be close. Basically, I had 3 types of the sailing solution problems, sunset, 3 star fix, lan, eta…(a gift), star id, HO of a body, . I’m sure there were a few more, but if you took the class, then you will be fine.

As far as I know, the OICNW assessments are good for life. Once you get them signed off, (or obtain a certificate) submit it to the NMC.

Thanks for the info! Time to start studying… The main thing I was wondering about the test is wether I needed to buy a star finder or not and touch up on the sailings. I’ll study them all and hope for the best.