Qmed or 100 ton

I have a 100 ton near coastal and a Qmed. All the required training. Anyone know of a couple companies hiring preferably on east coast…gulf coast is fine to for a Qmed spot? I am young and have lots of motivation to advance. I have gotten these upgrades with no help from my current company and they seem to have no interest in putting me in a spot for them…I have plenty of references and a good bit of seatime. I have grown up around boats and wish to continue my career in them but need a company willing to at least use me for the qualifications I have.

Also its a company that does oilfield work. So I have all my certifications up to date…twice…safe gulf…rigging …stcw…cpr/first aid…safety training…security training… and so on…

I am no expert, but from what I understand is…that unless you have documented seatime as master on your 100 ton, it ant worth much. I got one and have not been able to do anything with it. Your Qmed on the other hand I think would be more in demand. Good luck. If you find any luck, send some my way.