Professional Yacht Masters Stories

I am planning a book with short stories of real events experienced by professional yacht Captains and crew.
Please send them to me (change the names if you need to) max 3000 words and we will edit and credit any good ones.

How much are you paying?

This one time I stubbed my bare toe on a perfectly polished stainless cleat and spilled the beluga caviar all over the Duke’s cravat. He was pissssed.


Sorry nothing, this is for fun & fame

Fun and fame exists in detailing the lives of the brave souls in nautical flag belts and Nantucket red slacks? Who woulda thunk it?

How about we recommend some titles for your work instead…

Short Shorts 'n Short Stories
Yacht to the Future
Lord Douche
What Does Your Boat Want to Be When It Grows Up?
Sleepless in Nantucket
Boys of Summer: The Yacht Master’s Guide to Hiring the Perfect Looking Crew
Boat Shoe Blues


my bosses pilot did a snap roll in his Falcon 900, we were up on the top deck, the jet was below us when he did it.
Most ( scary) impressive thing I have ever seen with a plane

A snap roll?

Since the Falcon 900 has a positive G limit of only 2.5 and has a very specific warning against the rapid application of large rudder inputs at any speed, the odds of recovering from a snap roll with as many airframe parts attached as at the entry are pretty slim. Even if it survived the maneuver it would probably no longer be airworthy.

Consider American Airliines 587.

perhaps I shouldnt have said snap roll, ( yes thats a rudder snapper off) it was one of his 1 g rolls where you dont spill your coffee.
It was how close he was to the water that was scary impressive.
Boss didnt seem to mind but he said he doesnt want to in it when it goes around.

Lots of guys do them on private jets, one of my mates was in his bosses 727 when his pilot did one.

Yeah, right - and Francesco Schettino used to “salute” Isola del Giglio. Very impressive.

A Falcon 900 has a wing span of 63 feet. So assume you miss the water by five feet, the fuselage would be about 36 feet off the water. If that was my airplane that pilot would never ever get near it again.
This would be like being on a pilots forum and reading about how fun it was to build a campfire on the deck of a tanker or maybe take a car carrier white water rafting.

And people who know little about either think it is “impressive” to post how impressed they are with such an impressive display of stupidity - that is assuming the event ever took place at all and it is much more likely that it did not. Few professional pilots are that impressively stupid.

We had a saying - you can never win a low flying contest, but you can tie for first.


you guys need to work on private yachts for a while to see the rich play away from prying eyes
Think of all the crashes at air shows, when it was a planned display

I have no doubt stupid stuff goes on, but rolling a 3 engine passenger jet clearing the water by a yard or two is a whole new level of stupid.

old bold pilot…
bit like that guy who did dead engine loops while pouring a coffee, I guess he was just better then the rest.
( yes I know who he was)

Since this thread doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of staying anywhere near topic:

My mom was in the air force all her life. When we sailed North at the end of the season, the fighter pilots would come out to greet us, taking pictures of the boat, etc. This one year a guy put an F-16 nose high at the slow corner of the flight envelope and did a clockwise 360 below the mast head at only a couple of boat lengths’ distance, amid a thunderous roar that left me utterly awestruck. He turned his head and looked across at me the whole way, and I could have sworn that we kept eye contact behind the black visor.

Of course, the actual altitude and distance was judged from deck height by a 10 year old boy having his mind blown, so I’m not going to get into a fight about just how low and slow he was going. It’s not really relevant to the story anyhow… :wink:

I thought it was started as an exercise in comedy but stupid shit rich people do with their planes will suffice I suppose.

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When I was about 10 back before we had “rules” and “safety” and other annoying concepts, we used to anchor right in the center of the Blue Angles airshow every year. Quite a site to see them literally 80-100 feet over your head and clearing your mast by half that!

I think the original idea was a Tom Sawyer’s fence deal, why not crowd source a book LOL.

Gentleman Bob. Super nice guy.