Pre-employment screening

So recently, I was contacted by a major driller after trying for approximately 2 years to get hired on in an entry level position. I went down to do the interview, and they were very impressed with me. I was proud. They then went on to do the background check, drug screen, and physical along with the Physical Training exams. I passed everything up to the PT exam, but not for lack of conditioning. I’m in excellent condition. I lift 4 days a week and run a mile 3 days a week. I’ve been lifting weights in the gym and job appropriate objects since I was 15 (26 now), and know proper lifting technique and have worked an occupation lifting roughly 100 lbs or more over my head every day for the past 5 years as a blending technician at a lubricant production plant. So, I go to the PT exam and they won’t clear me from medical. I failed the MRI, and they send me home after I plead for the results… devastating to say the least. I immediately consulted my brother(experienced trauma ER Registered Nurse), my primary care physician, my ex-neighbor(a chiropractor), and an orthopedic and spine specialist, all of which happen to be acquaintances, or good friends. I was diagnosed with a Grade 1 Spondolysthesis, which all of the aforementioned said was negligible I am no more risk than someone with a completely normal back. However, I know the reason why I’m screened out. It’s to negate any liability for the large drilling company, and I know that the largest ones do this from talking to others. So, after contacting my recruiter, with his support and directive to get a second opinion from my spine specialist I was stone walled by the initial Dr.'s office and they refuse to even look at my second opinion even though my recruiter told them to. Irrelevant now, and to make a long story short. I have another offshore PRODUCTION(not exploratory/drilling) opportunity pending right now, strictly because I had a good friend pull a few strings. SOOOO, my question is do all offshore companies screen this stringently and do they all do MRI’s or X-rays on the lower back. I would, of course, ask my recruiter if not for the fear of throwing up “red flags”. Any relevant input would be much appreciated. Also, I’m sure that “it depends on the company”, but if anyone has been hired on recently or if you have heard of anyone being hired in the past 12 months then I would like to know if they had to have the same qualifications. Thank you.