Post Titles - A small request by gCaptain Administrators

Hey Guys,What we love most are the members who take the time and have the guts to post new threads. Regardless if it’s an interesting question, a new insight on some aspect of shipping or a basic request… the initiative of members to address the issues on their mind is what makes this forum great.But there is one problem… titles!The archives of gCaptain are chock full of great posts but they can be hard to find because of generic titles. Without singling anyone out (even I am an occassional offender!)

Here are some examples of bad titles:
shipboard generators
looking for west coast job
Hull Paint
Teakay Shipping
Terrestial Navigation Question
Maritime Unions

Here are some titles that are even worse:
looking for information
new mariner in need of help
help me!
Coast Guard Question
What kind of essay?

The problem is that when these show up in the search results people have no idea what the post is about so, rather than finding the information they are looking for they just post a new thread. This results in redundant information.So please… be specific in your title. Give us a clew about what you are asking. 10 word titles are better than 2 word titles!

Here are examples of good titles:
how a star globe works
Is Self-study available, as opposed to maritime academy training to save money?
Upgrading from 3/m to 2/m and 1600 ton master question?
Costa Concordia Disaster - What happened?Unarmed Australian security “team” - Liquid Velvet Captured By Pirates
USMMA Training Vessel Reassigned to Texas A&M

And, don’t forget to make your titles interesting. Make people want to click on your posts! Not sure what a great title looks like? Well visit (or your local newstand) and find out which articles you click on (read)… they are almost always articles with great titles.