Port of Virginia signs contract with Military

The port has signed a 5 year contract with Transportation Command to provide 40 acres of unused PIT container dock for heavy military equipment etc. Includes stevedores and other associated services. It had leased last year a staging area for Orsted wind farm equipment. Good for making use of that 279 acre facility.

Ahh the Port Fourchon of the East Coast, it was only a matter of time before one of these states figured out the revenue generation positives.

Not quite Fourchonisqe, but a few small ,shallow draft tributarys are not unlike that. Glad to get the work. Port had record TEU’s recently.

I think New York is doing a 50 acre offshore wind facility in Brooklyn.

Of course there is Quansett.

Another port that is not Fourchonisque. The narrows are in fact narrow, but deep. Except for a few shallow tributarys. Another port NY/NJ experiencing up numbers in TEU’s and wind farm business.

The Mendonca is at PMT now. That’s a good use for the space.