Ponant orders cruise icebreaker

well this is an interesting turn in a business which seems to be booming these days with a serious focus on polar travel

I wonder what the HP and icebreaking performance of her will be?

These cruise ships will probably be cheaper and better performing than whatever the USCG ends up building for new icebreakers. Plus, these new cruise ships probably reach the end of their design lifespan before the USCG puts its first new icebreaker into service. I am still amazed by how inefficient our government has become.


GOOD LORD! I just realized that we could convert the AIVIQ to a small cruise ship! there are many similarities between these vessels.

somebody get Mister Gary on the blower for me!

I’m not going to touch that with a 20’ pole from United Rental.

Not with the amount of fuel I’ve been told she burns.

They maintain the technology will allow her to sail “in total safety and the greatest of comfort” through an ice floe that is more than 2.5 metres thick and compression ridges of more than 10 metres.

That’s 8.2 feet.

then there is this news just out from a company with what must be an awfully large pile of cash to spend or a sterling credit score?

The official announcement from VARD:

The first hull for the four Cruise ships ordered by Ponant earlier has left from the VARD yard in Tulcea, Romania under tow to Norway for final outfitting:

More and more Cruise ships heading for the Arctic and Antarctic.
Incl. the ultimate destination; The North Pole:

She has been doing sea trials around Aalesund the last few days and are now in Floro for dry docking:

While we wait for Vard to complete the Polar Cruise ship for Ponant: https://akerarctic.fi/en/reference/ponant-icebreaker/
it is not too late to book a trip to the North Pole for 2020:

But don’t wait too long if you want the discounted rate: