Port icebreaker Ob delivered

Yet another icebreakers for port in the Russian Arctic has been delivered to FSUE Atomflot from Vyborg Shipyard:

Hope she’s a bit luckier along the Norwegian coastline than her predecessor earlier this week. That flat icebreaker bow isn’t really made for heavy seas…

The Tor is still sitting at anchor a bit off Ålesund, but within port limits.
Not sure if there are any work going on, or who is doing what.
They may just be waiting on spareparts and/or technicians from Russia.
The local yards and workshops are used to handle Russian ships, mostly factory trawlers.
Fiskerstrand, the yard that handle the most may be busy, since their “new” floating dock, (purchased from Russia BTW) has just been move into place at their yard and being moored up. Seen her moving away from town this morning :

There are three Russian fishing vessels there at the moment though. (One more waiting in town) .

UPDATE: She left Ålesund 0830 hrs. this morning, using the inshore route. Unknown destination.(Watching)

I’d say she’s heading for Sabetta. Ob is currently bunkering in Vysotsk in the eastern Gulf of Finland and should depart for the Arctic soon.

Yes she is heading north now. Passing Hustadvika at this time.

Yes she is definitely heading to the Arctic, following the inshore route at 13-14 kts.
Just passed Sandnessjøen and will cross the Arctic Circle in an hour or so.

One more Russian icebreaker being ordered. This time from a German yard:

The shipbuilding contract was awarded to a Russian company which owns the German yard. Their St Pete plant can’t handle a ship of that size.

Let’s see how it goes. The tender was capped at around 7.6B RUB and the builder of the two preceding vessels of the same design, Vyborg Shipyard, didn’t even bid because a realistic contract price would have been 10.5B. Now a new yard with zero icebreaker experience will try…