Political science majors at any Maritime Academy?

Had an inquiry regarding this question from a high school student.

No the closest you could get, at SUNY at least, is majoring in International Trade and Transportation. You can also take a Law Minor. He might be happy with Marine Transportation though, I always thought if I’d gone to school elsewhere I would’ve done Poli-Sci but then I wouldn’t have a great Job.

Cal Maritime has their Global Studies and Maritime Affairs degree that delves into law/politics/trade. These grads often go to law/grad school and/or get recruited by various state and federal agencies incl. FBI, CIA, Customs/Border Patrol, etc. If choosing this degree or their Intl. Business and Logistics degree I would say you should definitely have a plan for where you want to go with it

I know that there is no option at KP, however that has not prevented a few of my classmates and other alumni from pursuing a legal career.