Polar Tankers Jobs

Hi all, just wanted to give a heads up on some job listings for Utility Person, Mess Person, and A.B. by Polar Tankers if anyone is looking.


Me hears that is #1 place to work for US mariners.

I heard its hard to move up too far unless you’re a Mainer.

Just to update, there are now listings for both a 3rd AE and 3rd Mate.

What’s the pay/schedule like?

Rotation is 60/60 I believe. Not sure on pay, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

You need a tankerman assist to be applicant just found that out few weeks ago.

Anybody out there apply for this? Saw that the job closed at the end of March.

I applied, as I always do when they announce an AB job.

I’m wondering why they post as often as they do, it seems at least once a quarter.