Mate jobs

Looking to getting back in the field from shoreside… I have a 3rd mate’s Unlimited and a tankerman PIC and wondering if there are any Tanker jobs out there, or somewhere to start? AB/Tankerman (not on a barge) is fine. Wondering if anyone knows any tanker companies or bulkers or ships other than tugs, which are my last option (I want to advance my Unlimited). I applied to Chevron’s opening but seems I was too late for that… Hoping to find some leads before thinking of joining one of the unions, I also looked and called many times at MSC and they are not hiring 3rd’s/ABs, even with my PIC and crane experience.

I don’t know if they are hiring but go to OSG’s website and fill out their online application.

Call OSG in Tampa and talk to Patty Powell. She is the crewing coordinator and will tell you if there are any openings. That have hired a lot of 3rd mates the last couple years. Even if they need someone for reliefs, it’s a good place to start