Polar Navigation Training

Which online resources do you use to learn about ice navigation in the Arctic and Antarctic regions?

You could try this one as a starter course:

Or this one for more advanced training:

I’ve seen a couple of good pubs on navigation in the polar regions from the U.S. Navy.

Not familiar with this particular one but might be worth a look.


Likely other ones to be found as well.

This is great- thank you! Is it just me or does it seem like ice navigation training is a growing need?

Great resource- thanks!!

I don’t think it’s just you. The area is gaining in strategic importance.

Some interesting navigation back in the day on Deep Freeze 80. Local apparent midnight, correcting visual bearings for Mercator distortion, lost both gyro’s - steering by relative bearings of the sun. Putting lower limb of observed sun against upper limb of sun reflection off the ice. Charts in many places that looked like plotting sheets with a dotted line that says ice edge as of 1965.


In high latitudes, I’ve seen it before where most of DP reference satellites will drop below or too low on the horizon and GNSS references lose position. Curious if the new G4 services improved this.

I cannot comment on polar navigation using GPS or Transit but we did have an Arma Brown Gyro that you could change from North seeking to a star and use with a table of azimuths. Apart from that we had a sextant or three. Every officer carried his own.
Going through customs a customs officer asked in a somewhat belligerent tone “what’s in the box?”
When I replied in a somewhat curt tone “ a sextant.”
The third engineer, nickname “Footrot” asked in a loud voice “ what kind of a tent is that.”