Please identiy this piece

Hello All
I recent salvaged the wreck of a vessel Seaway Agbamu ex Illustrious ex Seaway Rover IMO 6610039 . While breaking he up I found this metal piece …does anyone know what could it be ?

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Can you provide some sort of a scale to the pictures?

flux capacitor, which consists of a rectangular-shaped compartment with three flashing Geissler-style tubes arranged in a “Y” configuration

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It looks like a removable mount for some piece of portable equipment like a light or something.

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Here are the dimensions in millimeter. The piece in made from brass as can be seen in the picture. It weighs about 2kg, the dark colour is probably as a result of carbon but I don’t think it was originally painted


I don’t so. This a metal. Brass

It almost looks like one of those old brackets welded to exterior bulkheads that would hold a navy all purpose nozzle vertically to “wash” off nuclear fallout.


Oh, yeah. I hadn’t even thought of that, but the measurements would be about right for holding the bail of a nozzle. Never saw a removable one like this before, but it’s a possibility.

gotta mention that this looks like some of the shittiest casting work I’ve yet to see…

That was my first thought

if it was for hanging a nozzel there may be some wear indication, especially on brass. get a magnifying glass and look see if there is any sign of wear via ships roll & pitching.