Please help I have some questions about joining. I don’t know that much so please bear with

I was wondering about when you sign the contract to enlist with y’all. I would imagine you would be signing some sort of paper work that’ll say how long your gonna be in service for. Is it like in the military to where when you sign the contract for a certain amount of years or do you get to quit whenever you see fit. Also after you sign the contract is there certain time period you have to back out before it’s took like also like the military. Do you get to choose where and what ship you’ll be on or do you get a “dream sheet” that will help suggest where to put you. As for being a cook onboard and what would the starting pay be like for me, how much would I make. How long is the schooling for a cook. I know we get leave but how often will we be able to take it. What do deployments look like for this type of career, how far away would I be from family and friends. Are there options to help to stay close to home

In most cases, a long way from home. Do yourself a favor and review prior posts/subjects on this site. Plenty of info out there if you want to know. There is no golden slipper for someone just fishing.

It would also help if we knew your nationality. Your citizenship will effect what you have to do. While a great many members on here are American, we make up a small percentage of the global merchant fleet.

If you’re American you don’t ‘sign a contract’ or ‘enlist’. The closest thing to a contract is when you sign onboard a deep sea ship and sign articles of agreement for that voyage. If you’re not American you need to specify where you’re from.

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