Plan b seatime


Ok, So I have the option to go to GUAM (now as suggested by my boss) within the next few weeks to get Chief Mate time. <br><br><DIV>Question 1: This vessel is a SubChapter I “Cargo and Misc” vessel 5,700tons (ITC) - All officers must be unlimited, but the COI says 1-Master, 3-Mates…no specific wording of “Chief Mate”. Will I get Chief Mate time as Chief Mate on this vessel?<br><br><DIV>Question 2: As on DrillShips, this ship works 12-hr days. Will I get 1.5 days like officers on drillships (like John K.)?</DIV><br><br><br><DIV>…might be good to know before I go stand upside down on the other side of the world.</DIV></DIV>


Holy Jumpin’ Jehosaphats! The world as we know it, is about to change!!!<br><br>If you tell me that Chaos is going with you, I’ll know it’s all but over!!!<br><br>In all seriousness though, I could not think of a better recommendation. Not going to Guam, per se, but getting out of the GOM. Going to Guam, on that ship, is just a bonus.<br><br>Now, with that being said, I wonder if that time will get poo-poo’ed as well. I think I hear the donkey coming down the path…at least on the 12 hour/1.5 day part. But, don’t fret, I hear Saipan is nice this time of year. :-)<br><br>Mr. Cavo, what say thee? Input?


The Wheeler? It’s in port most of the time, ya might not get any sea time much less wether it’s 8 hours or 12 - but it would all matter how mnay hours at sea ya stand WATCH, as far as I know, Also, as far as I know, if it sez 3 mates that means 3 OICNW meaning none of them have to have a Chief Mates License so how could you get credit for sailing in a Chief Mates billet if a 3rd Mate can fill the same spot??. I hope I’m wrong. We have some Wheeler guys on here, I’ll ask and get back to ya.


I just read the Chief Mate Seatime thread, now I have a headache. I’m on your side anchorman, but I see the glass on this subject half empty not half full. I’ll see if my Wheeler riding shipmates know anything about this and get back - - -


<P align=left><STRONG><br>El Capitan, I am not going to the Wheeler with anchorman. Why would I go their when I can still upgrade here. <br><br>By the way, I don’t think that little island could handle it. <br><br>Hell, P.A. almost didn’t survive<br><br>The world is safe</STRONG></P>


<span style="font-weight: bold;]LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL</span><div><span style="font-weight: bold;]<br></span></div><div><span style="font-weight: bold;]We get to live yet another day, Chaos!</span></div><div><span style="font-weight: bold;]<br></span></div><div>Jeffrox - A very valid point! Anchorman, I’ve got a balacava I can loan you for the trip south! Just make sure you swing by and pick up your Sorel’s here, as the selection isn’t all that good in PA…</div><p style="margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica]<p style=“margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica]<img src=“” alt=”]


I checked with my shipmates who often ride the wheeler and they are all engineers, so not well informed as to what was going on upstairs. I got 3 very different stories, I’ll butt out of this thread now!


El Capitan,<DIV> Down South? Well, If I’m suppose to have some sort of revelation by being a Chief Mate on a vessel that actually has “Chief Mate” on the COI. I guess it would be somewhere along the lines of…What the @#% am I doing freezing by balls off? “No what I meen man” as MSM would say.</DIV><br><br>


Jeffrox,<DIV> I’m good friends with the Master of the Wheeler (he wants me there the 14th if I decide to go) and he doesn’t have a clue really regarding Chief Mate seatime, but like myself, he can’t believe that a mate could never move up to master because the lack of specificity of having C/M on the COI. It doesn’t make sense that the mates could never become the master. Norleen Schumer said it HAD to specify “Chief Mate”, NMC said it doesn’t matter at “IaskNMC” and Mr.Cavo said it’s related to the 3 watch system and didn’t know if the Coast Guard even put C/M on COIs. I think the only thing that got centralized is my confusion. But, something definitive would be nice before making drastic plans.</DIV>


I do Anchorman…I do know what you mean, man! <br><br>Have a good trip!


“Will I get 1.5 days like officers on drillships (like John K.)”<br><br>I received less than 30 days of 1.5 time in my career… but that’s another story ;)<br><br>-John (K)<br><br><br>P.S. Guam is actually a fairly nice place to work… but things might be different now with the influx of foreign labor and the major construction that’s going on.


John,<br> I thought all of the drillship guys got 1.5days… the one that I’ve talked to said they did (or thought they did anyway)…but then again, it took me all of 16 years to learn that “tonnage is tonnage” doesn’t always apply.


Yes, all the drillship guys get 1.5days but my 2/m time was on Tankers and I had to wait about 6 months between the USCG announcement and the time when STAR center offered the first actual Chief Mate/Master course so I burned all my 1.5 time for Chief Mate. Then, for my Master’s license, I got the one REC chief in the entire country who thought the system was “Unfair” (which I agree, it is) and refused to give me the extra seatime. I appealed that one all the way up to district before my day-for-day time kicked in. <br><br>I actually have a freedom of information request letter from Washington stating that I’m the only Drillship mate in the history of the oil field ever to be denied 1.5days! The letter came too late to help my case though.<br><br>

 It's amazing to me that a case had to be argued anyway. I guess I'll never understand a system that doesn't facilitate clarity. If you ran a ship like that, it would be a total nightmare.