Pipeline blast dilemma

The “who’s done it” question is a dilemma for re-insurers:

Well clearly it was the British Navy :wink: ‘Bond here, James Bond’

The question of underwriting and insuring the pipelines will become even more acute if there is any consideration of repairing and recommissioning them.

I doubt that will happen any time soon, if at all.
Mind you, insurance can be found for anything at a large enough premium.


And a taste for accepting the risk. I do know that the recent ESG requirements are seeing some insurers getting out of the oil and gas market.

Yes, you may even insure the virginity of your 18-year old daughter, if you can afford it.

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May be cheaper to pay to ‘ensure’ the virginity of your 18 year old daughter

I don’t think the issue of terrorism vs act of war vs criminal act vs state sponsored terror, will be resolved untill well after the conflict has ended and bepends on who prevails.

How? Chastity belts have gone out of fashion, I believe:

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Chaperones or maybe eunuchs or both ?

Convent ?

Friends of Herpes facebook page ?

Justin Bieber t-shirt ?

Russia threatening retaliation against Britain for blasts, like what ?