Nord Stream 2

Trump is threatening sanctions against anybody involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany:

I’m sure he only have the best interest of the Europeans in mind, not trying to force them to buy LNG from US suppliers.

If he should actually sanction all the contractors involved that could have some unwanted affects on the US offshore oil and gas sector as well. There are only two companies with the capability to lay large diam. pipes in deep water; Allseas and Saipem. (Both of those are involved in N.S.2)

PS> He is also trying to stop transshipment of Yamal LNG in Norway:

That will anyhow end when the transshipment facility on the Kola is open for business later this year .

Another article about the US attempt to stop Nord Stream 2:

It doesn’t appear Germany is going to bow out though. Free market competition will rule:

The Pioneering Spirit is pausing work on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to perform another operation in the North Sea:
No it is not because the American objection to the project, but to lift, transport and set the 12800 m.t. living quarters for the Johan Sverdrup Field in the Norwegian sector.

Seen here at the building yard at Stord, Norway:

Nord Stream 2 70% completed:

I presume you wouldn’t be seeing the Pioneering Spirit in the GoM, or anywhere else in the US for some time.

I don’t think many Americans on this forum care about that.

På tide å roe seg litt ned kanskje?

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