Photography at sea

When the Moon kisses the ocean:

Source: National Geographic

Anybody have any interesting photos (own or borrowed) taken at sea?
Here is a thread for them.

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This one wasn’t taken at sea, but from our boat while anchored for fishing at the north end of the CBBT.

This one was at sea, taken by me from the bridge of the USS IOWA in early 1985.


The tiny sail on the horizon in Albemarle Sound is about to be slammed.

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Not a permit or a POWA in sight.


Not at sea, in the Valetta/Malta port - on May 10, 2023:
The Palumbo ship repair yard painted a dock crane to resemble a giraffe.

Behind the crane, dry-docked, is the ‘USS Hershel Woody Williams’ (ESB-4).

Sunrise at St Marys North River 11/23. Waiting to get hauled out :slight_smile:


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Some of the old Coast Guard guys will recognize this workhorse.

Photography by the sea:

Amazing Nature


Not in open sea, but on land reclaimed from the sea:

May be an image of skyscraper

The moon has landed.
The Burj Al Arab, Dubai:

All the birds were resting on the bulkhead until i disturbed their siesta.

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A little Gulf of Mexico Scenery

oh its incredible making pics in sea

Not so incredible, divers do it all the time:

Descriptive photo of the day:

Fully laden Container ship on her way from China to USWC meets US Aircraft carrier heading in the other direction with…

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Been there, done that:

MarineTraffic Photos Worldwide · Ben Lim Germina

PS> That is how it was done in my young day. Wonder how we survived to tell about it.

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