Phones in Mexico

The boat I’m on has satellite phones but I am looking for information about cellular off of Mexico. We will be working the East coast of Mexico for the next 18 months just a few miles off. Does anyone know the particulars of cell carriers off there. I heard Nextell works in a lot of places but nothing much on any other carriers. I have verizon but a few years ago I had to give them one of my kids to pay the bill after a trip through Panama. Any info es mucho appreciated. (Didn’t know appreciated in spanish…)

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Capt. Lee, I have seen your responses to other questions on this site. Not only are you a wise and experienced mariner.I have heard that you are also a handsome and powerful man. Bilingual is a stretch. Google translator is a great tool though… Thanks

Isn’t the main carrier down there Taco Cell?<br><br>ha ha.

I don’t know about Mexico, but I know of a cheap way to call the US from Europe that may or may not work down south.<br><br>Buy an “unlocked phone” - they’re all over ebay, most of them are Motorola RAZR’s, but I’m sure there are a bunch of different kinds. When you go ashore, try and find a local phone place that sells SIM cards - they’re usually pretty cheap. In Spain, I think I paid 7 euros for one, and another 5 euros for an international phone card that was through the same carrier. I think it gave me something like 600 minutes. If that’s not an option, you can buy a SIM card that is worth some demoniation - in France, they were anywhere between 10-100 euros, and it was something like a euro a minute, which is a raw deal (go figure, it’s France). BUT, what you do is look into getting an international phone plan for the people in the US that you’re going to call (I think Sprint was something like $.07 a minute), call them, and then have them call you back. Or they can just call you whenever, and it doesn’t cost you any on your end (unless you’re paying their phone bill).<br><br>Like I said, I don’t know if this is true in Mexico, but in Europe, each country has something similar to all of that. Hope it helps.

I worked down there for almost 2 years, near Dos Bocas, and Del Carmen. I had Nextel for a while, but it only worked in Veracruz. I switched to Cingular, which is now ATT, and went on their Mexico plan. Don’t get carried away on it though, or you will be selling off the second kid to pay for it! LOL
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