Penn Maritime

Anybody have a line on Penn? Been swapping emails with them for the past few days, feeling each other out. I know, or think I know, that they are 21/21 or 28/28, but does anyone know about pay for AB/Tankerman travel , benifits any of that stuff? They arent mentioned on here to much.

Thanks fellas

Sorry to bump an oldie, but I too am looking for info on Penn…are they more of a liner service and if so, where do they trade between and basic info…site isn’t bad, but doesn’t explain much of their service routes. Thanks!

They do almost exclusively black oil, and asphalt. They trade from Houston to Nova Scotia. (And most ports in between) Oh, Yeah… they have several units on the West Coast too. Only 3 NON ATB’s and only 1 single hull left. And 12 ATB’s.

As Chongyer noted there are not alot of comments about them in here because they have LOW LOW turnover, pay relatively well (SIU) and take care of employees well. There are few openings, due to the previous reasons. There is nothing about ‘routes’ because they trade wherever and whenever the charterer tells them to go. It would be next to impossible to publish routes when the customer doesn’t tell you where to go until a week (or so) prior to you leaving for the destination. Also it would be foolhardy to let your competition know what you have planned too!

I know they also have a few runs in the Northeast. I have a few friends working for them and they like it!