Pending Change of Command on a SSN?

Regarding reporting of Ruskies chasing out a US sub, if you’ve read the book, “Blind Man’s Bluff”, you might be wondering if there will be a sudden change of command on a US boat! ! ! And it won’t be published on Military dot com, or USNI. Just sayin’

Here is the article

Let’s say Kuril islands status AND relative borders - i.e.: international waters or not - is a big mess.
Japan and Russia are on a kind of tense gentleman’s agreement on topic.
Anyway being tracked And forced to retreat - IF true - is a big black spot on a naval career so I agree with:

So how did they contact a submerged sub and order it to suface ?

Gertrude? See

Looks like that’s what they would do, but how would you possibly know that the order was recieved ?
Outside kinetic war it’s a bit like yelling into the wind.

“Outside kinetic war it’s a bit like yelling into the wind.”

Well, instead of yelling, let’s use a metaphor of a ship’s horn sounding 5 short in a very dense fog. You can’t see it, but it’s getting louder and louder. There is communication. The message is received. And if not understood, CRUNCH! ! !

With the caveat that I’ve been away from the ASW/USW game for a while [1970’s], if IVAN was pinging away, the message may have been unbearably loud. On the other hand, dropping some concussive charges over the side is pretty universally understood. Again, it’s all speculative that they actually found the boat.

If the story is true, General Dynamics & the Navy gotta be pretty “red-faced” about it. It’s pretty much understood that the new generation boats are SUPPOSED TO BE very quiet. So short of heat detection sensors, something must have been making noise. . . [again, I’ve been out of the game for quite some time]

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I’ve used “Gertrude “ way back when and it is difficult to understand . For most exercises we used grenades where dropping one to four grenades signalled something. I can’t remember the specifics, the grenades were kept in a special locker on each bridge wing.