Pathways towards licensing?


I am currently going through Tongue Point Job Corps and have been recently processing my QMED - Oiler and AB Limited (Also have SMA Welding and EPA 608). I am also currently attending college for the summer quarter, intended to leave late August when the quarter was over but now I feel conflicted. I do want to progress after a degree as well but I feel it could also be a time burner. I would be starting Calculus, Physics and Chemistry in the fall, along with some other Gen Eds to get a transfer degree by Summer 2017 (hopefully); I currently go to a community college.

I know that to receive a 3rd Engineer license, one would either have to finish an accredited engineering school or get 1080 days of QMED seatime… I feel like if I don’t go after some kind of degree now it would be much more difficult to do so in the future, but at the same time I do want to start making money already and I don’t want to do anything too unnecessary to achieve the same goals.

Any advice in terms of the most effective pathway?

-Oni :cool: