Passing of a great shipmate 60 miles off the coast of California

You may not know him as I know him, however a family is in need of support. A sailors life was taken far sooner than needed. Being 60 miles off the coast of California heading into Los Angeles, something like this happens, the passing of your favorite shipmate. It saddens me to have to put this out there but think of his family, think of his wife.

I talked to her the other day and she said, “ Hi it’s Tim’s wife Lena thsnk you so much for being with him in is last moments he loved you very much talked about you all the time… I still can’t believe that he’s not coming home to me ever again I am so devasted he was is my world. I have no idea how I’m gonna get thru this so sick to my stomach every day haven’t even thought how im gonna pay mortgage till now … But anyway like I said thank you for being there for him”

Unfortunately this marks another moment in my life that I can’t get back. Only if I could reverse time and bring him back. He will be surly be missed and forever remembered as one of my favorite people and to others.

If you can provide any support to his family, would be greatly appreciated. His wife is completely devastated and knowing her husband won’t be coming home. I couldn’t even imagine it but I’m living the pain as we speak.

Rest In Peace my friend and may you have Fair Winds and Following Seas. I will see you again and I’ll bring the Bud Light and Shot of Jack.