Let's take a moment to pray for the family of a fellow mariner

I just found thisat Maritime-Executive.com

[B]Foss Tugboat Captain Fatally Beaten in Mexico

[/B]Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Foss Maritime tugboat captain from Washington state has died after suffering critical injuries during a beating in Mexico on Christmas day.

The Kitsap Sun, a local Washington paper, reported that 46-year-old Patrick Warga died on Tuesday in a San Diego hospital from complications in the tragic beating taking place in Mexico.
Warga was in Tampico, Mexico on business for Foss Maritime and attended a Christmas Eve church service and stayed at a hotel following the service, since it was unsafe to return to the shipyard after dark. The following morning on Christmas day, Warga stepped out of the hotel for a cup of tea when he was robbed and attacked, causing the injuries that led to his death.

Patrick Warga is survived by his wife and three children.

May you rest in peace brother mariner. I pray tonight for the well being of your family and the hope that your children are bearing up to this as well as they can. What a horrible Christmas present to receive.

I do know that Foss will take care of them.

I know that I am often an ornery SOB much of the time here but to find this news this evening really makes me sad . I remember when I was his age & had young kids at home[I].[/I] I really honestly feel just terrible right now. May God blass his soul.


Our port captain said there was a fund at Wells Fargo bank in his name for his family that anyone could donate too. Very sad story many folks I work with said he was a great guy.

May we all pray for his family and love ones affected by his death. Mr. Warga was called home by the Lord after celebrating the birth of our savior. It doesn’t make it any easier for his family here. Please lift up his family during this time of pain.

Wow I was in Tampico 2 years ago this time on the tug. It was safe to go out and have fun then, it must have gotten bad fast. rip brother.

Godspeed and safe journey brother. May your family be safe and take comfort in the Lord.

Cross Mexico off the list of places to work overseas.

And vacation. And spend money. And feel sorry for! Muchos gracias druggas!