Lost mariner's family needs our help

We lost a shipmate today. Christopher Vincent, “Bu”, “Hawaiian”, and of course “Vinnie” as he was known to many of us working on the waterfront has rang his final bell.

Vinnie’s presence was extraordinary and his absence will not go unnoticed. Not just because he was a big guy, but because he had a huge heart. He described himself as a big teddy bear – and he was just that, always there to make you laugh or offer a hand when needed. He would literally give you the shirt off his back, it would be too big, but it was yours!

We lost Vinnie too soon, and our hearts our breaking as we try to make sense of it all. He was doing what he loved to do and although we won’t get to see his big smile every day, his legacy will live with us all.

Vinnie was a friend, shipmate, brother, son, and most importantly a loving husband and father. He valued his family and God over everything, and with him now gone, they need us now more than ever as they fathom this unimaginable loss. As the sole provider of his family, we want to do our best to take away some of the financial burden they are faced with during this time. Not only are there funeral expenses, but Chris left behind his wife, young children as well as a grandchild who are now picking up the pieces as they try to move forward.

> Please help in any way you can

and show your support for the Vincent Ohana. Donations big and small will go a long way. Let’s come together as the strong Maritime community we are and make a positive impact as we remember Christopher “Vinnie” Vincent.