Partnership Opportunity: Leasing Fishing Quotas in FAO 34 Zone

Hello gCaptain Community,

I’m looking to collaborate with like-minded partners interested in leasing fishing quotas for demersals, pelagics, and tuna in the FAO 34 Zone. Although my fleet currently focuses exclusively on cephalopods, we have access to additional quotas that we’d like to put to good use.

Opportunity Details:

  • Available Quotas: Demersals, Pelagics, and Tuna.
  • Region: FAO 34 Zone, known for its rich biodiversity and abundant marine life.

We adhere to the strictest sustainability practices and regulatory standards, ensuring that our operations contribute positively to marine conservation.

Why Consider This Partnership?

  • Leverage our established infrastructure and expertise in marine operations.
  • Engage in a transparent, ethical partnership with a seasoned operator.
  • Explore mutual growth opportunities in a high-demand sector.

I’m excited to explore potential collaborations that can help us both achieve more in this industry. If you’re interested in discussing this further, please reach out via private message so we can connect and talk details.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the possibility of partnering with you.

Best regards.